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A girl's story

Faced with the growing depersonalization of customer service, Anne-Marie Leduc, Carole St-Onge and Marjolaine Moïse decided in 2017 to open their own property and casualty insurance firm in order to offer their clients continuity in personalized service. Since then, Lucie Brault, a specialist in commercial insurance, has joined the ranks of the partners in order to bring a new set of expertises. Together, they have more than sixty years of combined experience, and it is always the same desire to serve you that drives them day after day. Known for their experience and recognized for their skills, they will take all the time required with you to identify and meet your needs.

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We can help you in all areas of your life with more than thirty insurers at your disposal. No matter what your needs are, we can help you.


in the vicinity

By not being affiliated with any particular insurer, we negotiate to get you the best price on the table. With no strings attached, we can be completely transparent, and get you the best deal.


People who are

Behind every conversation with us is a human being. With an insurance broker dedicated to your file, you will have precise solutions quickly. In addition, your files are accessible online at all times.

Our advantages

Anne-Marie Leduc

Partner, Damage

Insurance Broker

450-747-0338,  ext. 104

Carole St-Onge

Partner, Personal-lines

Damage Insurance Broker

 450-747-0338,  ext. 102

Marjolaine Moïse

Partner, Personal-lines

Damage Insurance Broker

450-747-0338,  ext. 103

Lucie Brault

Partner, Damage

Insurance Broker

450-747-0338 ext. 108

Our partners

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